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25 Lanes

Wandering through Gouda's History

25 Lanes Tour Gouda

Author: Hans van de Water

What once started as a running/walking route for friends, acquaintances and other interested parties is now available as a 56-page bound booklet containing the 25 (usually hidden) alleys that still exist in Gouda.

Partly due to the voluntary efforts of many, this booklet is now for sale for only 10 euros at various bookstores / souvenir shops / tourist office in Gouda.

With this booklet in hand you will visit 25 (hidden) alleys in the historic center of Gouda. Discovering these alleys prompted the author in 2017 to do further research into old alleys, their meaning and origin in Gouda.


Lanes / Alleys

Wandering through
Gouda's history

± 7 KM


In ± 2 hours walk through Gouda, along various hidden alleys and courtyards.

€ 10

Take-away price

Nice Birthday / Father's Day /
Mother's Day / Sinterklaas or
Christmas present

Algemeen Dagblad

25 Steegjes Wandeling Gouda
in het AD

Omroep Max

25 Steegjes Wandeling Gouda
bij Omroep MAX: Tijd voor MAX

Goudse Post

25 Steegjes Wandeling Gouda
in de Goudse Post

"Not seeing the well-known buildings, but the old lanes / alleys of Gouda, whose names often refer to professions from the past."

"To wander through the past in the present."

"A must for someone who wants to see something different from the city than the famous buildings and tourist attractions."

25 Lanes Tour Gouda

Bachstraat 3D, 2807 HZ GOUDA, The Netherlands